Monthly Archives: February 2007

I’ve taken over Daves blog

I’ve ‘jacked it. Stolen it, I’m going to now post lots of things about fluffy bunnies and lots of stuff about the color pink.

oh yeah and I hate marmite!

[edit by DTL]
You could have at least identified yourself, shortarse.


I think the spam load this site attracts has been partially responsible for the server flakyness of late, so things are now set that you need to register as a user to comment now.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Server problems

The server that hosts this site as well as others of mine and those I host for friends seems to have developed a fault. A hardware fault. Seeing as this server is a virtual server from RedwoodVirtual I don’t quite see how this has happened.

I’ll have to notify Redwood and arrange for them to poke things in their datacentre with big sticks.

Part of the conspiracy

One disadvantage of having a working email address listed on a university physics website is that you tend to get copied into all the 11-9 and 7-7 conspiracy theory messages. People expect you to be able to explain what ‘really’ happened (i.e, agree with everything they say).