I’ve been playing with some time-lapse photography lately. There’s really two things you can do with time-lapse, make a video, or stack the images and get a single dynamic image.

I’ve done the latter of the two in this image. It’s around a thousand images taken at five-second intervals over the course of a few hours. The stacking software is StarStaX 0.6 in Lighten blending mode. The moon ends up horribly over-exposed because the camera’s exposure is automatically set for the dark skies and low light of the stars and aircraft.
A few hours of fireworks, aircraft, stars and the moon.

Prime Time (-ish)

Today at 2:03:05, the date and time, if you write it in a particular form, is a string of the first six prime numbers: 02:03:05:07:11:13

This only works if you use DD/MM/YY format for the date, and not the American MM/DD/YY, or the more sensible YYYY/MM/DD format.

So, just after lunch take a look at the clock and ponder this celestial / mathematics alignment.