Perseids meteor shower

I watched the meteor shower from the field at the Secret Nuclear Bunker where a group of us were camped doing radio stuff including bouncing signals off the ionized gas trail left by burned up meteors (meteor scatter).

I captured this time-lapse video which does include a few meteors as well as a pass by the ISS. The bright blob moving in from the left is the moon.

The circular trails are the stars moving across the sky around the pole star (not quite in frame)

VHF Radio Coverage

I’ve just discovered a nice tool for plotting radio transmission coverage. Here’s where I can expect to get a signal too from my home location.

Where 100 watts of 145 MHz RF will get, from my home QTH
Where 100 watts of 145 MHz RF will get from my home QTH

Yellow shows 0.50 μV signal level, Green is the 1.58 μV signal level

This seems to match up quite well with contacts I’ve had on the two-meter band, but with less power actually used. I’ll have to play a bit more and see how it says my station will perform on other bands.