I am become Death, the destroyer of snails.

I like snails. Not to eat, but as animals in themselves. I’ve even done a stand-up comedy set about slugs and snails. I find them fascinating. I don’t kill them on purpose.

Since taking up cycling to work, I have accidentally killed many snails. There is a patch of tarmac connecting Castle Green park and the cycle-path alongside the A13 (https://www.google.com/maps/@51.5327466,0.1178673,20.03z); Snails love it.

After every period of damp weather, this short stretch of path is covered with snails, many already dead from previous pedestrians and cyclists. Even at low speed, you can’t help but hit one or two.

Sorry snails.

An early awakening

Around 5:30 this morning I was rudely awoken from odd dreams about plastic jewellery by loud voices outside my window.

Looking out, this was the scene that greeted me.

The pipe was happily disgorging hundreds of liters of water per minute, washing away the sub-surface of the road. The water carried the mud and silt around Osborne Square, leaving a nice sticky film everywhere.

Barking and Dagenham, borough of culture?

Via The Dagenham Post and Diamond Geezer’s ‘blog I discover that Barking and Dagenham are competing for the role of London Borough of Culture.

Alas, I missed any mention of this before the launch event, which DG has covered as part of his exploration of the borough’s historic features, else I’d have taken a day off work and gone along.

When I started this website, well over a decade ago, I did intend to write more and explore more of the area in which I live, as with most things this quick fell by the wayside. Writing stuff up is always much less interesting – to me anyway – that actually doing the stuff.

Over the coming holiday season, I will try to get the old photos of Dagenham back up, and where possible try to take a modern image for comparison. It won’t always be possible, despite there being little real building churn for many years, things are starting to happen and some sight-lines I know would have worked, are no longer possible.

Anyway, most of written here in a while. I will make an effort to write more. Content is king, or something.