I’ve often wondered just what my cats get up to when they shoot out of the house in the morning heading for parts local, but unknown.

I’ve pondered fitting them out with a camera to capture their day, but never done more then ponder it. A chap in America has taken the idea and made it work Projekte CatCam. The cat’s trip starts here.

Engineering I approve of.

Happiness is a warm gun hot soldering iron.

Things are getting along quite well in the new lab. Large pieces of aluminium have been turned into small pieces of aluminium (and a lot of swarf), spectrometers have been upgraded and calibrated, and I’ve just finished building some constant current regulators for low currents.

The current regulators don’t work how I thought they should, but they seem to work nontheless. I should try and work out what is or isn’t happening, so I have some idea why things are not how I planned them.