Quarantine – Week nine

A week that’s happening.

Monday 2020/5/11
I should have been in either Edinburg or Cardiff with M today. Part of a long weekend away for a work meeting she was attending. Instead I sat in a long meeting about student exams to be sat this week.

Took a photo of galaxy M61 (no common name) because there is a supernova in it currently visible.

SN2020jfo in galaxy M61. The first supernova I’ve ever seen or photographed.

Tuesday 2020/5/12
From 10am until 2pm I helped invigilate the exam. No major issue occurred. Two students kept switching away from the exam software, they will have to explain themselves.

Wednesday 2020/5/13
Marked the exam question I was responsible for, also marked the a missing practical session report from the same students. Builders have retuned to finish the kitchen.

Thursday 2020/5/14
Wrote code all day, or tried to. Building noise meant concentrating was difficult

Friday 2020/5/15
Finally got the code working how it should. It may have already been doing that, but it’s been though a few re-writes, so I re-wrote it all. Now to make it play with the image viewing part of the application.

Saturday 2020/5/16
Actually writing this live on the website! Have been in the loft to find M’s old fridge I’m storing for her. Will use it for milk this coming week as I’m camping upstairs while the builders work. Have eaten rather a lot of Brie today already (writing at 13:21).
Had dinner and walked the dog.

Sunday 2020/5/17
The new cherry bakewell chocolate digestive biscuits are very moreish.

Birthday 2019

Not a big birthday, but it coincided with a holiday to the Cyclades.

I flew a kite on Atlantis. Not sure I have a photo of that, so instead here’s a photo of kite flying on the Disneyland of the gods island of Dilos.

Henry 4.1, 4.2, 5

A day spent at the Globe doing the Henries in sequence.

I’m in awe of the cast. A single cast, 3 plays and the better part of 9 hours.

Definitely worth doing.

I noticed about a dozen others that stayed for all three. We should have got a badge.

Part 1.
Waiting for part 2. We changed sides.
Awaiting the king.
A lovely evening

Cancer research winter run 2019

My third time in this race, previous years being 2016 and 2017.

Didn’t get a personal best, but given much of my preparation for the race consisted of eating and sitting still, I don’t think I did go badly at 53.45

Same time next year.