I’ve always enjoyed a good run, but somehow got out of the habit between the ages of 14 and 25ish. Then got back into it in a not very serious way. Now I try to run 2 to 3 times per week – usually in my work lunch hour (and a bit).

I’ve been running distances up to 20km in 2h without serious problem – apart from needing a few days of doing not much moving at all afterwards.This would put me on course for a 4h marathon time (assuming linear scaling and a bit of effort to get a little faster).

I didn’t get a place in the ballot for this year’s London marathon, but I did manage to get a place in the Cancer Research London 10km Winter Run. I ran that yesterday, without 5000 others. It was a loop down the Embankment from Whitehall to the Tower of London, back along to St Paul’s, another loop to touch the start of Watling St then back past the front of St Paul’s before dropping down onto the embankment again and finishing at Whitehall again.

It was cold, but good fun. I knocked around 6 minutes off my previous best time for the 10km, coming in at 50.52

Might aim for the Royal Parks half-marathon now…

A delayed update

A coupe of weekends ago I visited the Mayfield Lavender open weekend with Meagen, I meant to write about it at the time, but didn’t get around to it. No problem, Diamond Geezer also visited and wrote up the visit in more detail than I’d get around to here.

In the fields
In the fields

While there we helped collect Rosemary Beetles from the lavender plants, we got somewhere around 100 beetles in a glass jar.


Rosemary Beetles (Chrysolina americana)

I also spotted a pair of Soldier beetles mating , and really wished I’d taken along a decent camera. It’s hard to do macro photography with a phone camera.

Common Red Soldier Beetle - Rhagonycha fulva maiting
Common Red Soldier Beetle – Rhagonycha fulva maiting


Dead; not my corner of the internet – this is just pining for the fjords, but my poor walking boots.


A couple of thousand miles.
Five countries.
Three-and-a-bit years.
Three mountain ranges.
Two continents.
One dead pair of walking boots.

Spending the Royal Wedding bank holiday wandering around the Scottish Highlands including Ben Nevis finally finished them off. The laces snapped at airport security and a gash in the side opened up descending the Ben. The soles have leaked since January.