Quarantine – Week seven

Another Missed Anniversary.

Monday 2020/4/27
Last of the antibiotics today.
Received a very nice letter of support for a project at work. Do feel a little guilty as i only names me, but then I am the person that’ had all the contact with the letter writer and I’ve made things very clear in talks I’ve given on this project that it is a team effort.

Tuesday 2020/4/28
Sent the letter in. Had a slightly strained conversation with boss. Oh well.

Wednesday 2020/4/29
I seem to be drinking 12 cups of Tea per day now. Have lost 7kg since lockdown began. Haven’t had a sausage roll or pork pie in six weeks.

Thursday 2020/4/30
In 1999 I was travelling by train to Birmingham for a meeting. We happened to slow down as we passed though Cheddington station, and I noticed in the distance a big hill. I decided on that day I’d like to climb that hill.
Several years later, I’d been past the hill many times, and finally learned what it was called – Ivinghoe Beacon. Over the years many plans to climb the hill have fallen though.

Today, I was supposed to be climbing it with another David Mills. It was set, it was really going to happen. At last, nearly 21 years to the day since I decided to climb it, it was going to happen.

Today I didn’t go to Ivinghoe Beacon.

Friday 2020/5/01
Doesn’t seem to have registered in any way with me.

Saturday 2020/5/02
Five years ago today I was walking around with a ring in my pocket.

Sunday 2020/5/03
Five years ago today I gave the ring to M.
This year we could only celebrate virtually.


Dead; not my corner of the internet – this is just pining for the fjords, but my poor walking boots.


A couple of thousand miles.
Five countries.
Three-and-a-bit years.
Three mountain ranges.
Two continents.
One dead pair of walking boots.

Spending the Royal Wedding bank holiday wandering around the Scottish Highlands including Ben Nevis finally finished them off. The laces snapped at airport security and a gash in the side opened up descending the Ben. The soles have leaked since January.