As of yesterday I’m now Dr. Dave. The interrogation took just under two and a quarter hours. Apart from one or two silly mistakes due to nerves early on there wasn’t any problem. There are now at least two more people that believe the two major points of my work.

I think that deserves a yay!


A couple of missed dates

My time for the last week or so has been taken up with revision to allow me to gain my PhD (hopefully this will happen tomorrow around 4 pm). Alas this has not left me time to comment on a couple of events I’d planned to post about.
Yesterday, the 10th saw the 150th birthday of one of my favourite scientists, Nikola Tesla. There is a roundup of Tesla goodness over here.
Tomorrow, the 12th, marks 70 years since the foundation stone was laid for the Dagenham Civic Centre. It took a further 14 months before construction was complete. The Dagenham Council moving from their cramped offices at Valance House to the spacious new facility.

Conversation snippet

…well she was bleeding from the eyes and had diarrhea. So it was either Cholera or Ebola…

The interesting things you hear walking along the canal at lunch. This from two suited and booted chaps heading back to QMUL. Walking as we were, in opposite directions, I didn’t get to hear any more than that.