Books & Bugs

How do you get a five year old interested in collecting insects? Easy, you give them a copy of this book sometime in the 1980s. My copy came from a sale at a school library.

There isn’t really much in it about insects, just these two pages, but it was enough to start to get me hooked. I remember reading though the book many times over the summer and trying some of the experiments described inside.

The illustrations were by Bernard West.

The cackhanded scrawl of my eight year old self.

I dug out an old school book, from way back when I was 8-ish. Here’s a look at the random stuff I wrote about back then.

I was an electronics geek even back then…

And a consummate storyteller.

I hadn’t quite grasped the finer points of evolution though.

And while I now love spiders, I still can’t quite bring myself to look at a centipede without a shudder.