A billion balconies facing the sun

The hotel room was booked via work’s travel agent. The view and facilities were rather lacking.


My colleague is a rare creature, an Englishman who will complain. He got both our rooms upgraded.
The view is significantly better now.



Stuck in Philadelphia on a stop over while they change a wheel on the aircraft.

QMUL Canalside

Some recent photographs from the Regent’s Canal as it passes though the QMUL campus.

Chorthippus Parallelus - Meadow Grasshopper
Chorthippus Parallelus – Meadow Grasshopper

There were several of these grasshoppers chirping away, trying to find a mate. They were very approachable, not vanishing just as the shutter clicks. Common species, both male and female have short front wings and no hind wings.

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