I’ve been playing around with a homebrew weather station again, I dusted off the code I’d had running on a spare Raspberry Pi and added a few features to it. It’s now logging temperature, humidity and air pressure. I plan to add some more external sensors as soon as the parts arrive from eBay.

The graphs below are live data (for as long as I keep the station running)

The code will be on github shortly.

X-Ray Monday

The X-Ray scanners¬† I use to produce the images for this series of posts are mainly used for producing 3-D data, they are Micro-Tomography scanners, so they don’t produce a large field of view, but thy do provide high resolution.

This means images like the one below can be a little hard to decipher if you don’t know what’s been imaged.


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Playing Radio

Last weekend a bunch of us from the Havering Amateur Radio Club decamped to a field at the Kelvedon Hatch secret nuclear bunker and set about trying to contact as much of the planet as possible by radio.

It was a good excuse to try out my new radio, an Icom 9100, and break out the big beams and linear amplifiers.

We had two HF stations, on 20m and 17m and one VHF station trying to work though some satellites.
A total of over 300 QSOs were logged, a good third of those using CW on 20m. There is a QSO map on line. Some photos of the event are on Flickr.

You’ve got to photograph a bug or two when you’re in a field. Here’s a ladybird larvae.
DSC_2392 - Version 2