Just off the train from St Pancras. First sight from the station was this wonderful pile of bikes.

Later that evening, sitting by the wheel house of the boat.


A rather different Christmas this year for me. Rather than wake up in my own bed in my own house as I have for many years, I upped and left for some winter sun on the Costa Blanca.

Having been here for several days so far, I’ve been up the hills (waking paths seem almost non existent, and roads don’t quite meet up), visited Valencia and Alecante. Public transport is very good and reasonably priced. A roundtrip to Valencia taking about 4 hours costing less than 30 euros.

Christmas morning was spent on the beach.


Is mostly closed on Sundays. 

I’ve drunk a lot of Tea while waiting for the train back to London. 

Migrating site

Moving this website to a new server. Might mean I actually write stuff here more than a few times per year. 

Expect some things to be broken for a while. 

Happy Oak Apple Day

Abolished in 1859, Oak Apple Day was established in 1660 by a parliamentary act declaring

[29 May ] to be for ever kept as a day of thanksgiving for our redemption from tyranny and the King’s return to his Government, he entering London that day.

It’s now the day where I usually post this video of a CT scan of an Oak Apple complete with a few developing wasps.

My interest in Oak Apples is less to do with the restoration of the monarchy, and more to do with the use of them in the production of iron gall Ink, which was commonly used as a writing ink from around the 5th century untilĀ  the invention of more modern inks in the 1900s


In the video we can see the bodies of several developing gall wasps. The Oak Apple was taken from a batch bought for making ink, so the wasps were long since dead.