A rather different week.

This time last week I knew that the week ahead might look a bit different than I am used to, but I didn’t realise it would end up with me being interviewed in the Times and on Radio 4 and being broadcast on German radio too.

We published a scientific paper that’s been in the making for the last 5 years or so. It got rather a lot of attention, on social media, on the media proper and in real life. People wanted to know what was going on with 300 year old letters and how we had read them without opening them, and more importantly what did they say?

The general gist of the letter’s contents is that Jacques Sennacques wanted his cousin Pierre La Pers to provide a copy of the death certificate of Daniel Le Pers. Unfortunately, we don’t know who Daniel Le Pers was, but we do know that Jacques needed a copy of his death certificate for financial and legal reasons probably related to the changes in French inheritance laws that were coming into play.

Unfortunately for Jacques, the letter was never delivered. It most probably ended up in the Hague as misdirected post, and it sat unopened and unread in a small wooden chest until we came along and used x-ray techniques and software to virtually open it.


Long term art project

Take several (perhaps an irrational number – if it seem arty enough – of) Henry Hoovers and place them in wilderness locations around the planet.

Record what happens to them with a time-lapse camera until they have totally disintegrated – may take thousands of years. When the last has fully returned to the earth, print all the images recorded in a flick book.

Title of the book? Nature Abhors a Vacuum.

Hopefully our great great great^n descendants will appreciate the effort for a weak pun.



I can’t honestly claim to to have been a massive fan of Terry’s writing – I’ve not read all (or much of it) – Robert Rankin was always more my cup of Tea (or pint of Large).

That said I am a massive fan of the man himself and I’ve met many good people, some very good friends, some acquaintances via his fandom.

The news of his passing him me a lot harder than I thought it would. So many good memories.

I’ll raise a glass to him at 8pm tonight.