Poor Mickey

Sometimes when you’re looking around for something to scan in your new-ish CT scanner the answer just lands in your lap.

I’ve been doing #xraymyadvent again this year, but thought I’d test out the new scanner with an item more in keeping with the scanner’s intended use. Searching around the lab I found no obvious items. Until I looked down at the floor, this is what I found.

A poor dead mouse.
This is just 60 projections from the full CT scan – it looks like the scanner worked well.

Tea : abroad

I’m one of those terrible brits that takes their own Tea with them on holiday. Twinings Assam by preference, much much better than the Lipton floor sweepings you get most places outside the UK.

My batch of Assam seems to contain mostly Lapsang Souchong, a screwup at the Twinings factory. Something I didn’t spot until I got to Iceland.

So I’m holidaying on a pile of ash drinking ash flavour Tea. Seems appropriate enough.