Official Photographer

The conference wagon train stops at work next week – two hundred and fifty delegates, five days and some seriously hardcore materials science.

On the basis of some photos I took at a wedding (as opposed to wedding photos which would have been done properly), I’ve been elected official conference photographer. Alas, this position does not supply funds to buy shiny new toys and glass. Some of the better pictures will probably end up on Flickr.

The smell of polycarbonate in the evening

While trying to find one of the 472342 win2k install CDs I thought I had laying around the place, I came across a pile of ancient backups and debian/knoppix/gentoo install disks.

In these blighted times, with identity thieves hiding around every corner and plundering every rubbish bag, the only sane course of action prior to disposing of the disks is to snap them in two nuke them on high for several seconds in the microwave.

My microwave is glitter coated. My kitchen smells of warm polycarbonate. The identity thieves are foiled again. And I have a large grin on my face.

Some things you never tire of.

An ‘R’ in the weekend


Regent’s Recreation: Recording rhythmic revolutions.
I took photos of friends at the Alfresco dance event in Regent’s Park


Reading: Requesting / reacquiring requisite resource.
I gave the Dagenham Town Show a miss and went instead to an electronics fair in Reading

Clueful evil

The visitor turned out to be of the clueful-evil variety – a scientist turned administrative bean-counter. Luck had it that the lash-up experiment was buried under a pile of other equipment I’d just moved into the lab. I was honestly able to say I was working on sorting everything out.

There was a brief discussion regarding the future direction of the project and I showed him the results that had been emailed to me, deflecting his questions due to lack of knowledge of how the results were gained. The next (first?) milestone to hit is verified results by early September. I’m going to be very busy for a few weeks…