The smell of polycarbonate in the evening

While trying to find one of the 472342 win2k install CDs I thought I had laying around the place, I came across a pile of ancient backups and debian/knoppix/gentoo install disks.

In these blighted times, with identity thieves hiding around every corner and plundering every rubbish bag, the only sane course of action prior to disposing of the disks is to snap them in two nuke them on high for several seconds in the microwave.

My microwave is glitter coated. My kitchen smells of warm polycarbonate. The identity thieves are foiled again. And I have a large grin on my face.

Some things you never tire of.

6 replies on “The smell of polycarbonate in the evening”

  1. Now your house smells like burnt cds which might I mention it makes your head fuzzy. I was bored one day and took one of my brothers lighters to a broken cd. Also your foods going to taste like burnt cds. I think the identity thief’s have got the last laugh. Anyway you know what, come to think of it finding your blog may have answered a call. Could you drop me a line on my email which I supplied. I have a very questions. Anyway don’t mind me being 16. I know you hate kids but I hope I qualify as an adult. Also I am not like other people my age. I am a physics geek as well. Biology bores me a tad but chemistry’s pretty fun! I wont be a pain that means. I am working on a long project. Weird stuff…


  2. I want to build a very basic rocket to start off with. But I don’t want to buy a kit. That takes the fun out of it because there are instructions and such. I want to build one from scratch. But of course I am on a budget because I have just left school and the country is so over crowded so there are no jobs left. I know how rockets work. It’s just the injection system. Well I want to design a rocket before I make it. I don’t know how to build 2 tanks full of compressed liquid hydrogen and oxygen without them mixing and blowing up along with getting sequel bursts of the substances. Other than that my thumbs are up. Drop me a line on By the way I found your site on britblog. I was new at the time when I found it. I didn’t know there was any science and technology blogs in my local area. Dagenham sort of sucks doesn’t it? The most exciting thing that happens here is getting mugged or stabbed.


  3. By the way the rockets only building up to the main idea. The main idea is kept safe in my head. Don’t want no one taking it and making money ha ha! Pft sorry for flooding by the way!

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