Tea : abroad

I’m one of those terrible brits that takes their own Tea with them on holiday. Twinings Assam by preference, much much better than the Lipton floor sweepings you get most places outside the UK.

My batch of Assam seems to contain mostly Lapsang Souchong, a screwup at the Twinings factory. Something I didn’t spot until I got to Iceland.

So I’m holidaying on a pile of ash drinking ash flavour Tea. Seems appropriate enough.

Dark skies

Continuing the Iceland adventure, we’ve come to the east fjords in search of some of the darkest skies on the planet. 

Despite still being summer, with very long days, it’s dark by 1a.m. We hoped to catch a glimpse of the northern lights and the Perseids meteor shower. 

Unfortunately, we’ve hit the usual problem of the amateur (and professional) astronomer – weather.

Green is cloud cover. Dark green is bad.

We’ll keep hoping and searching for gaps in the clouds, but it is looking like we’re out of luck for this section of the trip 


300 inhabitants, 1500 tourism beds, black volcanic sand beach and wild waves.

Across the smokey bay

I’m in Reykjavík, Iceland for a few days before heading off to see more of the country. You can see why Reykjavik translates as smokey bay.

I’m staying in the same district as the Ásmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum. 

From a quick look at the sculpture, it was decided the general theme was Henry Moore sculpts Picasso’s paintings. 

Strange, but good.