Eclipse photos

So, I took eclipse photos on Saturday night, I filled a 1gig SD card – though at 6 meg per photo in RAW format , that’s quite easy to do.

I was hoping to get enough decent images to animate them, showing the progression of the eclipse. Far too many were out of focus to be useful, I should have planned a bit better and worked out the correct exposure settings before hand. Oh well, next time…

Lunar Eclipse 2007
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Eclipse Progression

Moon enters umbra
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The moon shortly after entering the umbra

Comet McNaught in the Daganeese sky

Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1) is currently visible in the low sky just after sunset – look in the direction of the setting sun about 5 minutes after the top of the sun clears the horizon.

Comet McNaught - 2

Comet McNaught caught between two houses. Taken with Tamron 70-300 mm lens at 300 mm on a Nikon D50. 1/4 sec exposure at f8.
The comet was only visible from my location for about 30-45 minutes, from sundown until it vanished behind the houses. I didn’t really get time to tune the camera settings to get best results, but I’m rather happy with this image.