Now I have an xray machine to play with at work, I can take photographs of the insides of things. I shall make full use of this. Here’s an old transistor to start with.

Xray image of an old  Mullard OC44 transistor

Image details : Mullard OC44 PNP Germanium transistor, glass envelope. 90kV polychromatic xrays, filtered with 1.5mm Al and 0.2 mm Cu. CsI scintillator, 6 sec exposure.

2 replies on “X-rays”

  1. Awesome!

    /me wants an x-ray machine!

    My current source it way too dim for imaging within practical exposure times and is not a very good point source.

  2. Alan, if you ever make it to London come drop by the lab. Bring stuff to xray. The system I’m building now should have 5um resolution.

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