Quarantine – Week Three.

Social Self-distancing

Monday 2020/3/30
Found out another acquaintance had died, this time not from the virus. Rest well Marc. Marked science reports.

Tuesday 2020/3/31

More marking today. Looked over presentation for interview.

Wednesday 2020/04/01

Student mentor session in morning, remote job interviewing afternoon. It went well.

Thursday 2020/04/02

Getting ready for the Icon ConserveAtHome talk [YouTube link]. Gave that shortly after finding out I didn’t get the job from previous day. As expected. Imaged Venus and the Pleiades

Friday 2020/04/03

Lazy day. Went for a run. Imaged Venus and the Pleiades again, did a better job this time.

Venus and Pleiades though high cloud

Saturday 2020/04/04
Did some work in the garden, chopped wood, cleaned out the small shed. Took two hours of exposures of M101 – pinwheel galaxy. Very faint, needs a lot more time for good results.

M101 PInwheel Galaxy, 30 x 240s stacked exposures.

Sunday 2020/04/05
Started planning a series of videos for conservation people.

Quarantine – Week One.

Self Isolating before it was popular.
Monday 2020/3/16

Went to work for a meeting and to start shutting things down. No announcement had yesterday been made, but it was obvious something was coming.

Tuesday 2020/3/17

Stayed home, took part in some teaching chats. Did some admin. Took dog to park.

Wednesday 2020/3/18

Sister’s birthday – one for her to remember. Had to go to work to check on some parts, effectively pointless as co-worker had no interest. Saw both Alan and Tony, neither should have been on transport due to their ages. Shut down the lab. Announced I’d not be in for at least two weeks – working from home

Thursday 2020/3/19

Working from home, more teaching chats and worked on tomography code. Took dog to park. Got the email I’d expected, work is closed for the foreseeable future. Work from home where possible.

Friday 2020/3/20

WFH. Catching up on email backlog.

Saturday 2020/3/21

Took down tree behind the shed. Last meter or so was still standing. Cut back brush growth and took tree down to just above ground level. Set up telescope, clouded out.

Sunday 2020/3/22

Took dog for long walk, central park and chase. Telescope set up, 3 hours on M82, and 20 min on comet C/2017 T2 PANSTARRS.

An early awakening

Around 5:30 this morning I was rudely awoken from odd dreams about plastic jewellery by loud voices outside my window.

Looking out, this was the scene that greeted me.

The pipe was happily disgorging hundreds of liters of water per minute, washing away the sub-surface of the road. The water carried the mud and silt around Osborne Square, leaving a nice sticky film everywhere.

Prime Time (-ish)

Today at 2:03:05, the date and time, if you write it in a particular form, is a string of the first six prime numbers: 02:03:05:07:11:13

This only works if you use DD/MM/YY format for the date, and not the American MM/DD/YY, or the more sensible YYYY/MM/DD format.

So, just after lunch take a look at the clock and ponder this celestial / mathematics alignment.