Quarantine – Week Three.

Social Self-distancing

Monday 2020/3/30
Found out another acquaintance had died, this time not from the virus. Rest well Marc. Marked science reports.

Tuesday 2020/3/31

More marking today. Looked over presentation for interview.

Wednesday 2020/04/01

Student mentor session in morning, remote job interviewing afternoon. It went well.

Thursday 2020/04/02

Getting ready for the Icon ConserveAtHome talk [YouTube link]. Gave that shortly after finding out I didn’t get the job from previous day. As expected. Imaged Venus and the Pleiades

Friday 2020/04/03

Lazy day. Went for a run. Imaged Venus and the Pleiades again, did a better job this time.

Venus and Pleiades though high cloud

Saturday 2020/04/04
Did some work in the garden, chopped wood, cleaned out the small shed. Took two hours of exposures of M101 – pinwheel galaxy. Very faint, needs a lot more time for good results.

M101 PInwheel Galaxy, 30 x 240s stacked exposures.

Sunday 2020/04/05
Started planning a series of videos for conservation people.