And the results are in…

LABOUR HOLD – Jonathan Cruddas
Result declared May 06 2005 02:23

No surprise there then.

The 2005 general election

Jonathan Cruddas, …. Labour 15,446 votes 50.1%
Michael White, …. Conservative 7,841 votes 25.4%
James Kempton, …. Liberal Democrat 3,106 votes 10.1%
Lawrence Rustem, …. British National Party 2,870 votes 9.3%
Gerard Batten, …. UK Independence Party 1,578 votes 5.1%

Labour majority: 7,605
Time of declaration: May 06 2005 02:23
Turnout: 51.3 %

The results seem pretty much in line with my predictions yesterday except for the worryingly large vote for the BNP. I wonder how the council elections will pan out next time. What do we have to do to make anyone other than UKIP do some campaigning here? Will a seven thousand majority (down from ~17000 in 1997, albeit with a ~70% tunout) and several of the surrounding boroughs going to Conservative have any bearing on who visits here in 4 years time…