A break from thesis writing.

The one downside to have had some very good news yesterday[1] is that I now have to spend a week making material to send away.

This means at least two whole days in the lab, with all that entails (sulphur smells, strobe flashes from the laser, noise from the laser and other gear, etc). Then another day or so in a different lab imaging the results, (have I pimped my random micrograph images before? If not, here they are) the aim being to make a load of very very sharp micro-needles.

I’m one day down on the lab work and have three of the six or so samples ready for the next step. I should really be back in the lab tomorrow, but I’m off to the LiveJournal picnic in Cambridge, so I’ll have to spend Sunday working instead. ‘Tis all fun and rather more interesting than trying to document and justify the last three years.

[1] Alas, I really can’t say anything yet, except that a rather prestigious institution is taking an interest in my work.