Sorry for lack up recent updates. I’ve left the laptop at work (my preffered system for writings posts involves the latop a nice cool beer and a period of sitting on the roof in the early evening) and it is too bloomin’ hot to sit at the computer.
There are a couple of science posts to come and one or two regarding ‘Fenchurch St to Limehouse – the long way round‘.
In the meantime, have a couple of photos I took the other day.

A female Dragonfly
Female Dragonfly

A male Damselfly
Male Damsel Fly

Click for bigger

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  1. great pics…ummm sitting ON the roof??? whilst balancing a laptop on your knee? and a beer in hand too? sounds like an extreme sport (geek style) to me ;o)

  2. Ah, I should have been clearer. We have a flat roof out the back, this does make roof blogging much less extreme.

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