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Brent Rasmussen over at Unscrewing the Inscrutable has a great post for dealing with creationists and young earthers; two annoying, braindead, anti-science groups I’ve had dealings with in the past [1].

Ancestral Magnitudes

“My grandfather wasn’t no monkey!”, “You think we came from slime?!”, and “man, if you want to believe your great^100 grandpa was a rock, be my guest…but it’s STUPID!”.

Great to the 100th? Well, yes, that would be pretty stupid. A monkey? Slime? Rocks as ancestors? Clearly you don’t have an adequate grasp of either the actual concept of evolutionary ancestry or of the significant time factors involved. I think you need a whole lot more zeros as well as a more realistic ultimate original entity. And maybe it would be worthwhile to learn more about Creation before taking up the call to tell your Creator what He can and cannot do.

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A wonderful sweep of history and prehistory and science that shows up creationist arguments about there being a lack of time for evolution to happen to be the poor lies and wilful misunderstandings that they are. Go read it.

A good fictionalised account of the evolution of the Human race can also be found the in the book Evolution by Stephen Baxter. Not exactly scientifically rigorous, but a bloody good read.

[1] Can you tell I’m not a fan of them?

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  1. sorry this ones not about your post…..but having a good laugh here…I just read your “about” page….funny how you can get a totally wrong impression of someone you’ve never met…I had you down as this little old grey haired mad proffessor chap, well I got the mad proffessor right didn’t I?

  2. *grin*
    I’m terrible for makign up mental image of people I read, then getting slightly dissapointed when I meet them or see them. They are never quite how I imaginne them, but I’m never able to specifiy just how they are different.

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