I’m lucky (sad / geeky) enough to have several computers at home. So when one of them packed up on the 30 Aug, I just switched to using another one and thought about fixing it when the weather cooled down a bit.

I’ve just looked in that machine to see that the RAM is missing, not just one stick that could have fallen out, but two sticks that have very obviously been removed.

Now aside from the small top window that is pretty much always open, there is no way into the room from outside. The larger side window is firmly shut, while it may be possible to open the large window from outside, it is impossible to close it tightly again. No one else will admit to having been in the room, and to be honest, no one else here would really have a clue about computers anyway. Nothing else has gone as far as I can tell.

So where has the RAM gone? I’m rather puzzled by this.