Bound and Submitting

If a title like that doesn’t bring the hits in, nothing will.

The Thesis, my Magnum opus, is now finished, bound up and submitted. And I’ve just spotted a couple of typos in it. Bugger. Nothing severe like my last thesis, where I got the year wrong on the very first page. I didn’t spot that until 20 min before the viva.

After the viva and corrections I’ll stick a copy online for anyone that really wants to read about lasers making things go bang[1]

5 replies on “Bound and Submitting”

  1. ~hits page like a desperate to hit something thing~

    w00t! That’s brilliant! Some tequila to go with those conga-ing rats of ishiac’s :o)

  2. have you met my mom on usenet? her screen name is isengaurd, you might find her *interesting she is a: cytotechnoligist/chemist/geek/weird/cool/computer collector
    *note: not a matchmaking idea there pal

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