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So yesterday Diamond Geezer posted a list of ‘blogs that link to his, affable-lurking being among those listed and close to the start of the list (alphabetical order rather than a top ten list or anything). I thought I’d investigate if this drove any traffic towards my little corner of the internet.

Basically, the answer is no. Or at least undecidable. My daily visitors number around 10-20, this did not really change much yesterday. I shall have to wait until the end of the week to check out the weekly stats to see if this picture changes much.

One thing I did notice is that around 15% of my traffic comes from people searching google for “Wantz stream”. Now I posted about this stream in May last year, a post I thought would be of no interest to anyone apart from myself. Why do I get so much traffic to that post, and why does no one ever comment or email me about it? Are schools setting a project about the stream? I’ve no idea.

As it seems there is possible interest, I shall post more of my findings about that stream and others in Dagenham in the next week.

If you’ve ended up here after searching for information about Wantz, or Eastbrook or Wythenbroke, please leave a comment or email me and let me know what your interest is.

7 replies on “Traffic & Wantz”

  1. I’ve checked, and only seven of those 200 blogs got more than 10 clicks yesterday (and not yours). Which is a bit grim really, especially when you were right up near the top of the list.

  2. I wonder if it was just too much information at once – maybe things will pickup as people revisit the post?

    Cheers for the link anyway!

  3. Ah, but I dropped by the next day, to see a fellow blogger concerned about “kicking people off allotments and paving over chunks of Hackney football fields.” :)

  4. Cheers from popping by. I shall miss the fields when they are gone – I’m still hoping the idea gets overturned…

  5. I’m working my way through the list of blogs, though it’ll be slow progress as there’s so many of them and I should be doing other stuff.

    Procrastination is a great thing.


  6. I’ve clicked through a few, but I’m planning to take a proper look tomorrow, I’m joining you in procrastination…

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