Elegantly Dressed Wednesday: John Owers

My entry for Elegantly Dressed Wednesday – John Owers.
John OwersThis dashing fellow is my claim to fame, my cousin once removed is related by marriage to John’s (step?) brother. Front cover of $RANDOM-TRASHY-CELEB-MAG here I come.

John was a bit part film actor in several 1940s films, his most significant being Scott of the Antarctic in 1948 and Pink String and Sealing Wax in 1946, neither of which I’ve seen in recent times (not since I discovered the family connection anyway).

John, I know very little about you at present but you are dressed in a rather fine suit, so on this Elegantly Dressed Wednesday I will raise a mug of Tea to you and resolve to fill in as much of the biographical information as I can on your IMDB page.

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  1. ooooo nifty

    ummm I didn’t know it was Elegantly Dressed Wednesday, damn! :P

  2. Every Wednesday is Elegantly Dressed Wednesday. I just know too few dapperly dressed people to take part very often.

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