Bullshit baffles brains?

The new job is going reasonably well, I’m not sure that I’m over-keen at being introduced to people as the solution to all their troubles, but I hope I can be useful.

Tomorrow I have to entertain, persuade and divert some industrial partner visitors. Progress on the project they are coming to see is pretty much non-existent and the person working on it is, rather conveniently, away from looking after her sick child…

Tomorrow I’ll probably quickly set up a laser and some optics to launch some light into the sensor to at least make it look plausible (it might even work…), but explain I can’t show any results yet because I don’t have the samples (this is true, I don’t even know what the samples are).

Hopefully a spot of hand waving and illusion will send them off thinking they’ve seen something great, after all we are supposed to know more about this side of the project than they are.

Of course if they send someone possessed of a clue, I’ll just explain the situation and pick their brains for some ideas.

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  1. I didn’t really get to them, I don’t think they weould have been convincing anyway. I’ve just posted about the visit.

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