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I just caught the tail end of the local news to hear a reporter at the Heathway interviewing locals about Roy’s pie and mash shop – apparently it is closing due to lack of custom. The news segment seems to be trying to suggest that the changing demographic of Dagenham had reduced the flow of custom to Roy’s. Now perhaps this is true to some extent, but we also have to remember that Roy’s is a crap pie and mash shop.

It’s always a shame to see the end of a local institution like a P&M shop, but I’ve never been able to get enthusiastic about the food in Roy’s. Sadly, I foresee the premises ending up as another faux-American fried chicken shop or crap-pizza takeaway.

If you want decent Pie and Mash then Heath Pie Shop at the ‘Fiddlers or Rumford Pie and Mash in Romford, or Eastbrook Pie and Mash are all excellent. You’ll never go back to Roy’s after you’ve been to one of the others.

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  1. I would say that the reason is Multiculturalism. In the rush to please everyone else everyone has forgotten about us. There seems to be no sense of British culture anymore. We brits who like our pie and mash are now a dieing minority. A faux American chicken shop is thinking to below the line. I bet it turns into an African/Caribbean grocery store or an internet café. Its happening to all the shops round here. I am only 16 so I don’t know what it was like in the olden days. I would have liked to have known. I would like to have been proud of who I am. It would have make me feel a part of something.


  2. A shame. There are hardly any pie and mash shops left. I remember a fine one on Exmouth Market, in which I once saw two toothless pensioners eating jellied eels in the window. A fine sight.

  3. The Exmouth market shop is a fine example of the Pie and Mash art, although I did find the food a little bland when I ate there recently.

    Roy’s looks the part, but the food just isn’t that nice. A true shame.

  4. What a shame…Roy’s is a brilliant Pie and Mash shop. I can only imagine that the person who left a message bad-mouthing Roy’s must have a vested interest in the other Pie and Mash shops. What a cheap trick.

  5. I love Roy’s Pie and Mash…far superior to anything else in East London and Essex.

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