February count

I borrowed an idea from Diamond Geezer who is on his 20th year of counting things during the month of February.

I decided to count in five categories:
1) Cups of Tea drunk
2) 500ml bottles of coke zero drunk
3) Cycle trips
4) Meetings attended (in person and virtually)
5) Number of Radios I repaired

You may think that number 5 is just grasping for a fifth option to pad the list out, I couldn’t possibly comment.

As I write this, there are still 14.5 hours left in the day, so my numbers will change.

1) Cups of Tea drunk – 121 127
2) 500ml bottles of coke zero drunk – 22
3) Cycle trips – 8 9
4) Meetings attended (in person and virtually) – 21 25
5) Number of Radios I repaired – 1

My Tea consumption is greatly reduced from normal, I’m not quite sure why so this month, I’m usually a 6 to 7 cups of Tea per day person, with the occasional rise to 12 or more when I’m working on a particularly hard problem. This month I’ve averaged just over 4 (4.3 to be more precise). End of day update, now at 127 with an average of 4.5

Coke consumption is about where I’d expect it to be. About one bottle per day when at work – it pairs very well with Co-Op rough oat cakes.

Cycling is down this month due to terrible weather for cycling, and not being at work for some of the month, so no cycling required.

Meetings happen. I try hard to avoid those I really don’t need to be in. This number could be far higher if I didn’t decline calendar invitations more frequently. End of day update, 4 – yes 4! meetings sprung on me today. Bah!

Radios repaired, I do like fixing things. I was at a loose end one evening this month and decided to look over my old Eddystone EC10 receiver and fix it. There’s a twitter thread here, because have you really done anything if you’ve not told the world about it?