The first significant snow fall for about a decade has coincided with a cold snap that has meant the snow has laid for longer and on the pavements has thawed and re-frozen to form sheet ice. A short walk today saw me perform feats of acrobatic skill just to stay on my feet.

A happy co-incidence is that my weather station has been up and running though this time, so I’ve been able to get a pretty accurate idea of the temperature outdoors. The digital thermometer was calibrated against a very good mercury-in-glass-thermometer, so I’m pretty confident that overnight we got down below -5.5C and only reached above freezing when the sensor was in direct sunlight (something I need to fix).

I like collecting and analysing data, I’m a scientist, it’s what I do. So adding a few more sensors to the garden and pulling the data into a database seems like a sensible thing to do. More to come in 2023 I think.