I love cherries. Not the big bright red ones you see at the market, those loosk great, but taste of nothing – or taste of green. I like a sharp, juicy cherry.

Last year, and this year, Meagen has bought me a rental of a cherry tree for Christmas. Yesterday we went to see the blossom (we did the same last year, but it was very very wet).

Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossom

The farmer claims the weather should be good for the bees, so the flowers will be pollinated leading to fruit. Fingers crossed.

The cherries on my cherry tree
Cherries last year

The tree I had last year didn’t produce many cherries, the photo above shows 3/15ths of the haul from that tree. The farmer acklowedged the tree did not do well and offered picking on a couple of others to make up for it. They were some excellent cherries.