Birthday 2019

Not a big birthday, but it coincided with a holiday to the Cyclades.

I flew a kite on Atlantis. Not sure I have a photo of that, so instead here’s a photo of kite flying on the Disneyland of the gods island of Dilos.


I always get anxious about air travel. It’s not the flying so much, it’s everything else. Getting to the airport, killing time while there, the unintelligible announcements. The whole kit and kaboodle.

That said, I also find it impossible to be less than two hours early if I’m traveling alone.

I’m writing this sitting in the sun at Chopin airport in Warsaw a good three hours before my flight leaves.

The museum I had planned to visit to kill some time was mostly closed, a fact that Google maps was unaware of.

Time for some Tea.


Henry 4.1, 4.2, 5

A day spent at the Globe doing the Henries in sequence.

I’m in awe of the cast. A single cast, 3 plays and the better part of 9 hours.

Definitely worth doing.

I noticed about a dozen others that stayed for all three. We should have got a badge.

Part 1.
Waiting for part 2. We changed sides.
Awaiting the king.
A lovely evening


I’ve been trying to get back into astrophotography after many years lapse. I’m still learning my way around the new technology, so haven’t yet made the best use of some wonderful clear nights.

That said, I did get out a week or so back and get around 30 minutes of total exposure time on the Orion nebula. The processing I’ve done on the image is a bit rough and ready so far – I really need more exposure time and some short exposures to fill in the over-exposed centre of the nebula.

Here’s the result so far.

Orion Nebula