I was on a roll as well…

Earlier today I picked up an Intel StorageStation networked disk storage box for £3. I got it home to find that the disks are missing and that the OS was stored on one of the missing disks. No real problem, google shows that the device runs FreeBSD and an OS image was on Intel’s website.

The OS image needs to be loaded onto the box via TFTP. but you can’t do this unless there is an OS running and listening for an update… I’d just figured out how unfundge the image and write it to a harddisk, when the drive I was about to write it to fell from it’s perch and shorted the power lines out. No flashes or bangs, just the sounds of the drives spinning down. Fingers crossed, it is just the PSU that had died. I’ll have to borrow a space to check.

So, so far, I’m down the cost of a new ATX supply just for trying to fix a £3 piece of junk. Bah!

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  1. Did you ever get this thing working.
    I have recently got a similar item with no discs and can not for the life of me figure how to get it working.

    Any help or ideas appreciated.


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