Ahh Spring.

Spring, when a young pisshead lady’s fancy lightly turns to sitting outside Heathway station shouting out
Oi! Frigid!
Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor!” To any other young lady that dares to walk past.

This coming from two aspiring young alcoholics wearing skirts so high and tops so low they were on the verge of exchanging places.

Oh the fun the young ‘uns have today.

4 replies on “Ahh Spring.”

  1. Just thought I’d say hi to a fellow Dagenham blogger, thought your blog was a good read..but shhhhh dont tell everyone about the high class ladies that hang out (literally) at the station!!! We’ll be swamped with sight-seers ;o)

  2. Cheers for the comment Lynn. I wonder, if we advertise the local attractions, maybe the sight-seers may come and take them away. It isn’t like we have a limited supply…

  3. Hmmm… i lived in the Dag for years, and I must say that it had far less street drinkers than other places I know well, say Willesden Green or much of inner north london. Mind you, only the Dag has a pie and mash shop (is it Joe’s just down towards the bottom of heathway hill) that won’t give you knives. you have to do all the cutting with a fork and spoon. sure that must say something

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