Chip and PIN

I’d just like to express my gratitude to the inventor of chip and PIN. It has saved me lots of money so far this xmyth period. The simple reason for this is that I haven’t a clue what my credit card PIN is.

Best invention EVAR! (excluding: sliced bread, the Sinclair Spectrum, painkillers, beer, etc)

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  1. Know just what you mean, chip n pin has also saved me a fortune this year for the same reason…and you know I’ve never once got home and regreted not being able to buy that spur-of-the-moment-bung-it-on-the-card purchase.

    I wonder when the credit card companies will realise this flaw in their plans and ditch the idea.

  2. I was in a local supermarket the other week, who shall remain nameless because they’re crap

    For whatever reason my PIN number wouldn’t go through, despite the fact I knew I typed 4291 correctly. In the end, they allowed me to sign for it in the old fashioned way.

    Kind of defeats the purpose…

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