A darker than usual morning at this time of year

Going back to work on the 4th of January might be enough to darken anyone’s spirits, the mornings are dark enough, but come the 4th dawn will be even darker for us here in London. A partial eclipse will have the moon covering up the rising limb of the sun, the uncovered portion will still be below the horizon at sun-up (08:06am).

Seeing as it will almost certainly be too overcast to take photographs and I’ll have no clear view to the low horizon anyway, I’ve prepared some simulations of what you would see (or I would photograph) were conditions perfect (with no atmosphere glare either).

The start of the eclipse as you'll not see it from East London

The Sun will clear the horizon by 8:15, but a good portion of it will be eclipsed by the moon.


Just as you’re starting work, the sun will be high enough to clear low roofs and trees, you might get to see a chunk missing from it if you’re outside or near a window.

But it’ll probably be too overcast.

All over
9:30, and the sun is definitely high enough to see now, but you’ve missed all the action.

It’s a shame hardly anyone in London will see this eclipse, because it’s one of the best London will see for a long time. The centre-line passes right though London, skirting the west-side of central park in East Ham, passing right over Ilford station and just clipping the eastern edge of Valentines Park.

A fun toy for working out where the eclipse is visible is this map from NASA. The next total solar eclipse visible from London isn’t until June 14, 2151, so armchair eclipse hunters have a bit of a wait.