Dandelion wine – or – That was Easter Monday

Making dandelion wine is a messy business; First you have to collect ~400 grams of flowers, then you have to separate out the petals:
Making dandelion wine is messy

Then boil them all up with sugar, raisins and some orange peel:

And then hope it ferments into something nice.

Fingers crossed, that in six months to a year, we’ll have some nice wine.
400g of Dandelion flowers, 1kg of Sugar, 150g Raisins, Peel of 4 small oranges, 1 gallon of water. Simmer flowers in water for 30 min, strain off flowers and add sugar, raisins and peel to solution and simmer for a further hour. Allow to cool before removing peel and straining and squashing raisins for their juice. Add yeast and decant to demijohn. Wait.