Quarantine – Week Five

Illness in the time of pandemic.

Monday 2020/4/13
Easter Monday, tidied up at home to try to find some parts to repair and old radio. A patch of dry skin on my elbow cracked and bled a little. I put some Sudocream on it and thought nothing much of it. Got a bit sore later in there evening, so I went to bed to sleep it off

Tuesday 2020/4/14
Awoke at midnight in pain from my elbow. Pain worsened though the night and I got little sleep. Phone consultation with GP where he would not believe I hadn’t fractured my arm. Begged for and got antibiotics. Collected them from the pharmacy and began taking them. Went to bed early (7pm) and slept little.

Wednesday 2020/4/15
Almost no sleep all night due to pain and fever. Called NHS111 and was told to go to hospital A&E. Went to Queen’s Hospital, spent much of the day there having blood tests, X-Rays and IV antibiotics. Would have been kept in under more normal circumstances. Got home, still didn’t sleep well.

Thursday 2020/4/16
Arm still sore, but signs of improvement. A little more freedom of motion.

Friday 2020/4/17
AM : Arm much better, less pain deep inside. Some extra reddening  of the skin.
By midday, arm had swelled by 3cm circumfrence, very red. Back to hospital. More blood tests and IV antibiotics, possible cellulitis. Home around 11pm.

Saturday 2020/4/18
Arm still very swollen and red. Swelling reduces somewhat throughout the day.

Sunday 2020/4/19
Arm broadly arm shaped again. More mobility. Sleeping much better.