Quarantine – Week seven

Another Missed Anniversary.

Monday 2020/4/27
Last of the antibiotics today.
Received a very nice letter of support for a project at work. Do feel a little guilty as i only names me, but then I am the person that’ had all the contact with the letter writer and I’ve made things very clear in talks I’ve given on this project that it is a team effort.

Tuesday 2020/4/28
Sent the letter in. Had a slightly strained conversation with boss. Oh well.

Wednesday 2020/4/29
I seem to be drinking 12 cups of Tea per day now. Have lost 7kg since lockdown began. Haven’t had a sausage roll or pork pie in six weeks.

Thursday 2020/4/30
In 1999 I was travelling by train to Birmingham for a meeting. We happened to slow down as we passed though Cheddington station, and I noticed in the distance a big hill. I decided on that day I’d like to climb that hill.
Several years later, I’d been past the hill many times, and finally learned what it was called – Ivinghoe Beacon. Over the years many plans to climb the hill have fallen though.

Today, I was supposed to be climbing it with another David Mills. It was set, it was really going to happen. At last, nearly 21 years to the day since I decided to climb it, it was going to happen.

Today I didn’t go to Ivinghoe Beacon.

Friday 2020/5/01
Doesn’t seem to have registered in any way with me.

Saturday 2020/5/02
Five years ago today I was walking around with a ring in my pocket.

Sunday 2020/5/03
Five years ago today I gave the ring to M.
This year we could only celebrate virtually.