Quarantine – Week sixteen

A week that happened.

Monday 2020/06/29
Mostly spent the day on work related stuff including finishing off an application for a new job. Fingers crossed. It’s surprising how quickly a job can squander goodwill built up over many years.
Recorded virtual posters for the Bone Research Society conference.

Tuesday 2020/06/30
Spent my first night away from home in 15 weeks.

Wednesday 2020/07/01
Had a play with a new time-lapse camera. Just recorded a snail whizzing around.
Worked on the image viewer re-write. It’s getting there.

Thursday 2020/07/02
Waited in all day for a work meeting that I was not invited to.
Had another meeting where my plans for tomorrow (Friday) were shot down because they were inconvenient. Thought to myself “fuck this” and booked the rest of July off work.

Friday 2020/07/03
Worked on the image viewer and did some admin.
I had panned to walk the dog a lot more this week or get out on my bike, but the weather was crap for the most part and I just had the Hump.

Saturday 2020/07/04
The pubs are reopening. Not good.
The pubs around Crouch End seemed to not be enforcing distancing and there were noisy fights in the street and accompanying police sirens at closing time.

Sunday 2020/07/05
Beam at Crouch End are taking distancing seriously, we had breakfast there, outside in the warm sunshine. We had to scan QR codes as we sat down to record our visit for track and trace purposes. My favourite item is now off the menu. Bah. Headed some after a bike ride to check M’s bike out – seems so far that we have fixed it.