The DG effect

Today, Diamond Geezer posted his round-up of things open in the month ahead – always a good, useful read. One of the entries he highlighted was the opening of the British Vintage Wireless & Television Museum for open house 2021. I left a comment to the effect that I’d visited a decode or so back, I’m not sure I ever wrote it up here, but I did add a link to the photos I’d uploaded to Flickr

I’ve not really done anything with Flickr for a while, I’ve posted some astrophotos there, but nothing much recently. To find the vintage radio museum album, I had to log into Flickr. I’ve remained logged in today and I’ve just been exploring the new interface (new to me anyway). I’ve spotted the stats from today; there were definitely a few click-throughs from DG’s comments page. Although I’m somewhat obsessive about collecting and analysing data, I don’t actually collect website stats – I’ve no idea how many people (if any) read what I write here or look at photos I post. Twitter is the only place I really take notice of that, any only because the information is so readily available.

I just found it interesting that I can draw an almost certain link between a throwaway comment and link on a website and an up-tick on traffic to some old photos.

220 view on photos from a decade ago that I linked to on DG's blog today
Definite uptick on traffic to photos I linked to from a comment on a blog post elsewhere