1. Got interested enough in transistors again that I started writing a book shaped object. Said object now has three chapters and is how I’d have wanted to learn about transistors. Work has paused for now, due to items 2 and 3 in this list.
  2. Went to the delayed winter meeting of the anatomical society, held in Dublin. My first flight since January 2020. At the conference I presented some work I’ve been doing using x-ray micro-ct to image microscope slides containing valuable histological material from now extinct or engendered species.
  3. SARS?CoV?2 (COVID) finally caught me. I may have got it at the conference, at the very very busy Dublin airport on the way home, or given incubation times, I was probably infected the day before I flew to Dublin. I was feeling slightly rough on the 7th of July, but tested negative; a precautionary test before an in-person meeting on the 8th gave the long dreaded positive result.
    Fatigue, loss of smell and taste, fever, sore throat and general aches and pains. It really kicked my arse. I don’t ever want it again.
  4. Used my newly acquired, temporary, immunity to covid to go out and do some things I’ve avoided for two years.
    Saw and really enjoyed the new Rise of Gru / Minions film at a real cinema.
    Returned to the cinema a few days later to see the National Theatre broadcast of Prima Facie with Jodie Comer. I’m crap at writing reviews, so I won’t. Just go see it.
    Final bit of culture this month was a trip to see (hear?) Jay Rayner’s band at Crazy Coqs, Z├ędel, Soho. Again, excellent. Go to a show.
  5. Made a friend.
    This dragonfly landed on my hand as I was walking home. I carried it towards a patch of grass and it flew away.