I started August with great plans to post every day / every week / at least once. It wasn’t that I did nothing to write about, it’s just that I’m a lazy sod.

I’ve walked in the company of The Gentle Author, I’ve walked the mail rail loop, I’ve walked the financial district of London guided by a very newly qualified tour guide. I took lots of photos, but as I don’t seem to be updating Flickr these days either, you’ll probably never see these.

I have done some work on the back-end of this site, and the others I host on this server. In theory this will make it easier to keep things update and mean I can finally ditch PHP and WordPress. This will go live one of these days, the biggest noticeable effect should be my sidebar returning to the sidebar, and not a random tangle at the bottom of the page; a relic of last time I did any work on this site.

September starts with this post. Tomorrow I plan to travel to Kent for Tea and Cake. I might write that up?