Walking Dagenham Week 1

One thing I’d forgotten about the back-roads of Dagenham is the almost fractal nature of them, roads branch off side roads that branch off a close that branch off a cul-de-sec (or banjo, in the colloquial). I’ve decide I’ll only walk those that have a road, I don’t want to venture up pedestrian only areas, as that could be a bit too close private land.

It’s fortunate that the main roads segment up the town so nicely, it means I can just pick an area bounded by the roads (or a park or trainline) and walk that and be confident I’ve covered all the streets.

On a side note, there are very few streets in Dagenham, only Broad Street, Gale Street and Halbutt Street, every other road is a Road, a Lane, an Avenue or Way or similar.

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