I’ve had an account on Flickr since 2005, in the early years it was my main form of social media. There were conversations in groups, photography challenges and games and the like, then Twitter came along and yahoo bought flickr and my account sat unused. I would occasionally upload photos specifically to share with a group of people, but for the most part I didn’t really use the account, the social side fell away.

Well, now twitter has imploded (I hopped to Mastodon in early 2017) and yahoo have sold flickr, and google photos has annoyed me enough, I’ve gone back to my flickr account. There’s not as much of the social side of things there any more – things change in 18 years apparently, but there’s still interesting photos posted and details in the groups.

I’ve just uploaded the content of my google photos account to flickr. My public photostream has about 2k photos, but there’s another 23k waiting on me to decide which I want to make public. My one annoyance with flickr is still the clunky interface for editing details of photos, I need to see if there is a different tool that can still be used – API changes over the years have killed off a lot of the older tools.